Qualitative maintenance Suzuki Grand Vitara in Moscow

Qualitative maintenance Suzuki Grand Vitara
Qualitative maintenance of Suzuki Grand Vitara

Periodic maintenance of any vehicle ensures trouble-free operation. Today, let’s talk about Qualitative maintenance  Suzuki Grand Vitara . Suzuki cars are of high quality, as they are assembled in Japan, and legendary legends are about the reliability of this brand. But in our country, Suzuki vehicles have to live in difficult conditions of severe and changeable climate, bad fuel and bumpy roads.

Therefore, periodic maintenance is necessary to quickly identify possible malfunctions and maintain all the units and units in Operable condition. Of course you can contact the official dealer. Where you will be borrowed with a lot of money and constantly impose only original spare parts. Which due to the sharp increase in the exchange rates have seriously risen in price. But there is an alternative. This technical center is “S-Auto”, which is distinguished by democratic prices and high level of customer service. Here you will always be offered a choice – original spare parts and accessories or high-quality analogues of well-known manufacturers.

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Many years of experience and a qualified team of masters will carry out your TO Suzuki Grand Vitara quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the equipment of the technical center “S-Auto” is not as low as that used in the service of the official dealer. For example, when replacing the oil in an automatic transmission Suzuki, this process takes place on a special installation. If other services in fact carry out partial replacement of oil in automatic transmission, as they can not merge it physically. Then in the “C-Auto” this happens with the help of special equipment, plus when changing the oil is also carried out washing all the channels and automatic transmission systems of your Grand Vitara.

Engine Suzuki Grand Vitara
Engine Suzuki Grand Vitara

Also in the installation, antifreeze is replaced in the engine cooling system and the GUR fluid. The complete removal of the remains of the old technical fluid prolongs the life of the units and assemblies. A competent and comprehensive approach to the replacement of consumables. Liquids guarantees the service interval spelled out by the manufacturer. Otherwise it will be necessary to change the technical fluid ahead of schedule.

Another big plus of the work of the technical center “S-Auto” can be called the fact that the customer can be in the repair area and observe the progress of the maintenance. Actually in our service there is nothing to hide from customers. Works on maintenance of Suzuki vehicles are carried out with a clear manufacturer’s regulations. Also for any maintenance, the running gear diagnostics are completely free.

Our story would not be complete, if you do not mention the unique free service for maintaining an online service book. That is the whole history of maintenance of your Suzuki Grand Vitara will always be at hand. If you want to sell a car, then a potential buyer can easily show all the TO’s passed, repair or replacement of this or that unit. Any buyer is ready to pay more for your Suzuki with a transparent service history. Among other things, the online service book allows owners of Grand Vitara to see the schedule of passing the TO, the actual mileage. Ask questions and write reviews that come directly to the head of the technical center “S-Auto”.

Find out the cost and list of works, make an appointment for TO Suzuki here – http://www.subsuz.ru/to-suzuki/ . Service “S-Auto” is located in the South-East of Moscow on the street Ilovaiskaya 4. Telephone for inquiries and records for maintenance (495) 972-97-37, (499) 357-73-53 . The technical center works without days off.

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