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The new Ravon Nexia for our market has become quite an interesting model. The producer from Uzbekistan Ravon decided to use the untwisted name Nexia, but in technical terms to use the Chevrolet Aveo base. To be precise, the first generation Chevrolet Aveo T250 2006 model year. True, the model got its own engine and another transmission. As a result, an inexpensive sedan of a small size was produced.

In the Ravon model lineup, the new Nexia takes place between the R2 models (formerly Chevrolet Spark) and R4 (formerly Chevrolet Cobalt) . This applies to both size and range of value. Perhaps the main competitor of the model can be called the domestic Lada Grantor Datsun On Do. The truth can be compared with other models. For example, if you choose between Reno Logan and Ravon Nexia, and you have a modern machine as a PPC. That Logan with its ancient 4-band unit clearly loses Ravon Nexia, where there is a modern 6-range automatic from General Motors. If you prefer engines with a chain and more reliable timing drive, then here again the Nexia is in the black, in front of the engines with the timing gear of the gas distribution mechanism.

Externally, the new Nexia 2018 model year is not a complete copy of the Aveo. Of course, the manufacturer changed the bumper, optics, put other drives, but the silhouette remained painfully familiar. Next, see the latest photos of the model in our gallery.

Photos Ravon Nexia 2018


In the interior of the sedan , a bright salon rushes into the eyes, which Russians may find completely unfamiliar. It’s all because Chevrolet Aveo has always been supplied to Russia only with dark upholstery. Although other markets were also bright options. Ravon decided to eliminate injustice. The truth is that the cabin itself is rather small, which is not surprisingly a wheelbase of only 2480 mm (for example, Lada Grant’s 2476 mm). The instrument panel, the center console, the shape of the seats, everything from the same Aveo. The steering wheel with the manufacturer’s logo is naturally original, as well as the level of the 6-speed transmission, which was not put on the Aveo T250. Photos of the interior look further.

Photo of the salon Ravon Nexia

Officially, the manufacturer claims a 400-liter luggage compartment, but in fact, the trunk holds only 376 liters. Ravon has his own method of counting. In any case, the trunk is not very capacious, for that under the floor is a full reserve.

Specifications Ravon Nexia 2018

The constructively compact sedan does not have, what features of the device. Front-wheel drive, with a transverse arrangement of the power unit. Front independent suspension “MacPherson”, rear semi-independent twisting beam. The front brakes are disc, behind them are the drums. As the steering booster hydraulics.

Price and completing Ravon Nexia 2018

The price tag on the model over the past couple of years has been rewritten several times. And the jumps were both up and down. What is not surprising, a young and not experienced brand was looking for its niche. Today the cheapest version of the car costs 499 000 rubles . No discounts for disposal, trade in or “family car” on the model will not, because they are not assembled in Russia. The only significant discount is offered to people buying a model released in the past production year. Soon the model of 2017 century. the manufacturer offers a discount of 50 thousand rubles, that is 10%. Naturally in the base only a mechanic and no air conditioner. A complete list of all the current prices and bundling more.

  • Nexia COMFORT MKPP – 499 000 rubles
  • Nexia OPTIMUM MKPP – 529 000 rubles
  • Nexia OPTIMUM automatic transmission – 569 000 rubles
  • Nexia ELEGANT MKPP – 559 000 rubles
  • Nexia ELEGANT АКПП – 599 000 rubles

There are two options for boxes of a 5-speed mechanic or a 6-band hydromechanical automatic machine. What’s interesting is to overclock to a hundred that with old mechanics, that with the new automatic it takes about the same time 12.2 and 12.3 seconds.

The engine is the only one, the petrol B15D2. This is the development of GM engineers specifically for markets with harsh operating conditions. Gasoline engine volume of 1485 cm3 calmly digests gasoline AI-92 and produces 106 hp. at 141 Nm of torque. The row 4-cylinder unit has a 16-valve timing mechanism and a chain drive ( as we have already described in detail ). According to the manufacturer, the average fuel consumption with mechanics is 6.5 liters, and with automatic transmission 7 liters. In the city 8 and 9.3 respectively.

Detailed dimensions further.

Dimensions, weight, volume, clearance Nexia

  • Length – 4330 mm
  • Width – 1690 mm
  • Height – 1505 mm
  • The curb weight of 1190 kg
  • Gross weight – 1560 kg
  • Base, the distance between the front and rear axle is 2480 mm
  • The track of the front and rear wheels is 1454/1444 mm, respectively
  • Cargo space volume – 376 liters
  • The volume of the trunk with folded seats – 980 liters
  • Fuel tank capacity – 45 liters
  • Tire size – 185/60 R14, 185/55 R15
  • Ground clearance – 170 mm



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