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Toyota Prius 2017
Toyota Prius 2017 Front

Dealers of the Japanese company Toyota began selling “live cars” Toyota Prius 2017. Recall that before that they worked in the mode of accepting orders for the hatchback. There will be a novelty in the original market on the domestic market (see the photo a little higher).

The Japanese company was not even frightened of the uncertain situation that developed in the Russian market. Not embarrassed the bosses of the automaker and the big price tag that was installed on the model for the market.

You can not hope for a large selection of hybrid assemblies interested in acquiring it for car enthusiasts. And all because to be present on the Russian market the updated model will be in a unique complete set “Lux”. In salons to buy a novelty it is possible under condition of presence in a purse of $37200. Among the options for the new car is worth noting the special colors of the body color. Complement the exterior of the new car will be and special design discs.

Although the price tag for the car is quite impressive, however it is compensated by the rich equipment of the novelty. The buyer of the hybrid hatchback receives head optics on LEDs, cruise control, a projection display, and also at its disposal a dashboard with two displays and a diameter of 4.2 inches. In the salon there is a company multimedia system. The musical components present in the salon from the company JBL, form the audio preparation of the machine and will be an excellent gift for music lovers. Leather trim predominates in the interior, and two-zone climate control can be distinguished from the options. Also, the manufacturer equips this model with light and rain sensors. There is also a heated front seat.

But, despite such a rich choice of options, we note that not equipment is the main advantage of the new Prius. Its highlight should be considered a hybrid installation. However, if we compare this car with the previous generation, then it should be noted that only in detail it was updated by the company’s engineers. The basis is still the gasoline engine with a working capacity of 1.8 liters. At work it gives out power of 98 hp. The total power of the unit at the peak of the work is 122 hp. While doing a new car, the engineers of the Japanese company carried out the VVT-i system optimization. Same was done mainly to enhance the fuel efficiency of the car.

Transmission in the new Toyota Prius 2017 also underwent an upgrade. It consists of a variator that has a planetary power divider. Also an element of the gearbox is the electric motor. In equipping the car there is a battery that will provide greater mileage on electric traction in comparison with the previous generation of the hybrid model. As stated in the company, moving on the updated Toyota Prius 2017

, in a mixed cycle, the consumption will not exceed 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

The company gives a guarantee on the components making up the power plant, the size of 100,000 km of run. In Toyota, they emphasize that the novelty has been adapted to Russian operating conditions. In the updated version of the hybrid hatchback there is an additional heater in the cabin. This is an excellent confirmation of this statement. The car has in the equipment and the Era-Glonass system, in an emergency mode warning about the accident.

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