Sedan Datsun on-Do can get the box of the machine

Sedan Datsun on-Do
Sedan Datsun on-Do

" A budget brand owned by the Japanese company Nissan can make changes in its market policy in accordance with the demand currently existing on the models it produces – the on-DO model in the Sedan Datsun on-Do and mi-DO, which is available on the hatchback market .

Creating these models on the basis of the domestic platform in the company, they were divided not only by price tags, but also by the equipment level, and also by the target audience. This division led to the fact that the machine in its equipment was only a mi-DO hatchback. But the sedan on-DO had to be content only with mechanics. However, probably the needs dictated by the market will force the manufacturer to equip the automatic and sedan.

In addition, the hatchback has a richer base configuration, with a more powerful power unit and better noise insulation. On mi-DO, even rubber is put in a higher class. Although today buying tires for any car has long ceased to be a problem. Here you can choose any size and manufacturer. And most importantly, buy wheels that you can afford. And put even a decent car on a budget car.

One of the information publications, referring to sources in the company Datsun, said that it is likely that soon on the market will be a sedan on-DO with a gun. According to the information in the car it is planned to install 4 range automatic machine from the company Jatco. While there is no information about when this model should appear on the market. But the company said that if there is a significant demand for a sedan with a rifle, it will be satisfied.

If such a car appears, then the vector of this model will change slightly and appeal to the young customers of the company and residents of large cities. Where it is rather difficult without an automatic transmission. So far, the sedan is available in the market with a 1.6-liter engine and engine. A potential buyer can choose one of two versions. Their power is 82 or 87 horsepower. In the base, the sedan will cost the potential customer $6550. The cost of hatch Datsun mi DO at the moment is $7500. To become the owner of the version with the automatic machine the potential owner will have to pay already $8500.

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Recall that the sedan of the Japanese budget brand was created on the basis of the domestic Lada Grant, and a hatchback based on Kalina. Cars even produce in Togliatti, but as the leaders of the Japanese brand Datsun say, their cars are more reliable and of high quality. Although the main nodes and aggregates in all models are exactly the same.

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