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Sedan Jaguar XJ Luxury car manufacturer annually update their line of supercars. On the release of another novelty recently announced the company Jaguar. It was an updated version of the popular model Sedan Jaguar XJ 2015-2016 model year. The novelty will be produced in a variant with a four-seater body. A special feature of the new model is the emphasis on greater comfort for the rear passengers.

If we talk about the upgrade program that the manufacturer proposed for this model, then we note that it looks traditional. In the external appearance of the popular model, the main changes are associated with the head optics. Its form underwent significant changes. In addition, new elements appeared in the interior design of the car. A multimedia system of a new type was installed on the front panel. The number of speakers with which it can be supplemented has increased. Now their maximum number can reach 26 pieces.

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In addition, key units were subjected to the modernization novelty. Also, changes were made to the main systems that complete this car. If we talk about the range of motors offered for this model, then there are no more significant changes in them. However, the characteristics of the motors were changed. So the turbo diesel, with a working volume of 3 liters, received more power. If earlier in peak mode of operation he gave out 275 horses, now he can develop the power of 300 hp. The change in power resulted in a reduction of the acceleration time to “hundreds”.

From the previous 6.4 seconds it was reduced to 5.9 seconds If we talk about the gasoline engine of the new Sedan Jaguar XJ 2015-2016 with a working volume of 3 liters, then it has not changed in power. He, as before, can develop his own 340 hp. The motor with a working volume of 5 liters, which developed power of 510 hp, now received another modification. When working in peak mode, it can develop 550 hp. Also, the manufacturer said that for the modifications of the updated model with any motor will be available only one gearbox – an 8-speed “automatic”.

This transmission can be combined with both the rear and the drive on all four wheels.Of the units that will be offered for the updated model Sedan Jaguar XJ, special attention deserves the electric power steering. Its use in the car allowed to slightly reduce fuel consumption. Although with an engine capacity of 5 liters, it is unlikely that the driver of the car is concerned about several grams of gasoline saved.

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