Silent electric found his first victim

April 29, 2017

The first accident collisions per person electric vehicle was registered in France. It is reported that the incident occurred by accident in one of the streets of Paris. The woman was crossing the road in the wrong place, I did not notice the approaching her electric car. 

This incident is the first with a history of accidents of this kind. Brand electric car, got in an accident is not reported.

Electric Nissan Leaf, able to deter pedestrians whistle

Electric Nissan Leaf, able to deter pedestrians whistle

Previously, many experts expressed that electric cars can be potentially more dangerous for pedestrians due to the fact that they do not have the typical for conventional sound of the working motor vehicles – they are more quiet than the trolley. To overcome this problem, the company Nissan, for example, taught their LEAF electric beep, like a whistle, when the vehicle is moving at a speed exceeding 30 km / h in order to attract the attention of pedestrians.

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