Stylish controversy Audi TT RS Plus happened


Audi TT RS Plus
Audi TT RS Plus

In Geneva, the German automaker Audi presented the version of the most powerful sports car model line TT – Audi TT RS Plus. The model received an additional logo to the name “Plus” and a redesigned power unit. Which significantly increased the power of the car, but practically did not affect the fuel consumption.

The new version of the sports car will exist in two body configurations – roadster and Compartment. The main feature of the sports car is the parameters of the power of the reconfigured engine.

With the designers of the company “pulled” three hundred and sixty “horses” (465 Nanometers), which is 20 “horses” more standard characteristics. The five-cylinder, turbocharged unit accelerates the car to “hundreds” in the body of the coupe (KP “automatic”) for 4.10 seconds. The roadster (KP “automatic”) 4.20 seconds and 4.40 seconds (KP “mechanics”). The maximum dynamic threshold, naturally limited – 280 km / h.

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You can buy a charged car not only in Europe, but also in Kazakhstan. Audi TT RS Plus and other models of German premium manufacturers can be found in the network of car dealerships “Mercur Auto”.

A large selection of machines in stock will not wait for the delivery of cars from Germany, and choose a car from the warehouse. By the way, the declared cost in Germany on Audi TT RS Plus / coupe is 60 780 euros, the cost of the roadster starts from the figure of 63 540 euros. Of course the cost is quite high, but for an exclusive and inexpressible drive, I do not mind any money.

The advanced engine of the Audi TT RS Plus is offered: a six-band gearbox “mechanic” and a 7-speed S troniс automatic, which has a “start control” (Launch Control) function for instant start. This model is built on a proprietary, all-wheel drive platform quattro. The all-wheel drive provides phenomenal handling. It is known to any driver who has ever been at the wheel of an all-wheel-drive Audi “quattro.”

Audi TT RS Plus Dashboard
Audi TT RS Plus Dashboard

According to the company’s release, the new TT RS Plus combines advanced driving dynamics and economy. Fuel consumption for the coupe with the S troniс transmission is 8.52 liters per “hundred”. The roadster burns 8.63 / 100 km. Such changes were achieved due to the introduction of a wide range of new technologies.

Among which the main one is the frame of aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF). The all-wheel drive coupe TT with a mechanical gearbox weighs 1,450 kilograms, where the weight / power ratio is 4,211 kg per 1 horsepower.

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