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The new BMW X5 price, photos, video, equipment, specifications BMW X5|volkswagun

The new BMW X5 continues to enjoy good demand, both from authorized dealers and in the secondary market. Customers are not afraid of the high price of the BMW X5 and expensive car service. Everything else is added to the problem with the frequent ugonyaemostyu machine. Therefore, to run into the stolen X5 in the automotive routine. Despite all the difficulties associated with the sports crossover from Germany … or rather from the US, because the only factory of a […]

History lineup BMW 3-Series|volkswagun

For many decades, the automotive brand BMW generations models were produced, which are divided into three main groups. Most of the cars belong to the third series. The remainder being expensive models that are released in small quantities in our country is not particularly widespread. BMW 3 series were first released in 1975 and had the designation E 21. The car features large single headlights and turning indicators have been arranged vertically. There were instances in which were provided and […]

Premium Coupe BMW 6 Series|volkswagun

Shortly after the world premiere of the new BMW 6 Munich company introduced the latest version of its coupe. The car will be presented at an upcoming auto fair in Beijing. Auto, which is strongly reminiscent of the concept shown in 2015 in Paris, entirely created by Adrian van Hooydonk – the head of the design department at BMW. The Dutchman was replaced two years ago, the author of a previous, highly controversial German version of the Coupe, Chris Bangle. […]

New BMW x6 price, photos, video, equipment, specifications BMW X6|volkswagun

New BMW x6 price, photos, video, equipment, specifications BMW X6 The new BMW X6 in F16 body appeared in 2015, first as a cross-coupĂ© appeared in 2008. As X5 and X6 are collected in the United States second. From there, send complete vehicle sets, which differ in different locations around the world. for screwdriver assembly. In our country, this assembly is carried out in Kaliningrad. Despite a common technology platform to the BMW X5, X6 in size slightly longer and […]

The history of the automobile company BMW (BMW)|volkswagun

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) – is the name given to the factory engaged in aircraft engines, founded in Munich in 1917 by Gustav Otto and Karl Rapp. Orders for aircraft engines was enough, the reason for that was the First World War. At the end of the war, BMW was on the verge of extinction, as the interdiction relating to aircraft engines. Therefore, the company starts to deal with cars. The first machines did not differ outstanding performance. They could […]