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Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 photo, price, packaging, video Tiguan 2017|volkswagun

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 waited a long time in our country. Any new pictures of the new Tiguan cause rapid interest. A classified Russian prices for Volkswagen Tiguan second generation is quite pleased with the imputed value of the crossover. Although the machine was more expensive than the first generation, but also proved to be a crossover larger, roomier and more technologically. The Russian model produced at the VW plant in Kaluga. Modular platform VW MQB, which is the basis of […]

New Hyundai Solaris 2017 photo, price, packaging Hyundai Solaris in 2017 model year|volkswagun

New Hyundai Solaris 2017 photo, price and integration of the popular sedan will be pleased with the Russians again. Hyundai Solaris 2017 model year promises to be a bestseller in its class. After all, for this manufacturer I did everything I could. Increased, wheelbase, width of the body. Designers have made every effort to create magnificent interior and exterior of the budget sedan. If the China model is already sold, in our country, a test of a new generation of […]

Compact MPV Toyota Verso specifications, price, photo Toyota Verso|volkswagun

New Toyota Verso has appeared in 2014, but this is just a restyled model, which showed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009. In technical terms, Toyota Verso created on the platform of Toyota Corolla . The car has received an increased wheelbase, which allowed to place third row of seats. Today in Russia you can buy 5 and 7 local version of the minivan. Collect a car in Turkey. In Russia, the Toyota Verso has two petrol engines, manual […]

The new BMW X5 price, photos, video, equipment, specifications BMW X5|volkswagun

The new BMW X5 continues to enjoy good demand, both from authorized dealers and in the secondary market. Customers are not afraid of the high price of the BMW X5 and expensive car service. Everything else is added to the problem with the frequent ugonyaemostyu machine. Therefore, to run into the stolen X5 in the automotive routine. Despite all the difficulties associated with the sports crossover from Germany … or rather from the US, because the only factory of a […]

Skoda surprised concept VisionC, photos|volkswagun

A small affair decided to organize the company Skoda, which is still two weeks before the start of the Geneva Motor Show announced the premiere of a new concept VisionC (pictured). Visitors to the motor show the automaker promised a little surprise at the auto show. From the company has been informed that 14 vehicles were presented at the motor show. At the moment it is known about the two models. This Octavia Scout – touring terrain and VisionC – […]

New Porsche Cayenne price, photos, video, equipment, specifications Porsche Cayenne|volkswagun

The new Porsche Cayenne in spite of its considerable price is in demand, both in the primary and the secondary market. Cool design, unique specifications Porsche Cayenne and the desire to stand out doing sports crossover from Germany for many desirable cars. True, not all have enough money for the purchase and maintenance of such a machine. The first-generation Porsche Cayenne will appear in 2002. Sport crossover in the body Type 955 / 9PA pleased fans of the brand is […]

Porsche Macan price, photos, video, equipment, specifications Porsche Macan|volkswagun

Porsche Macan appeared in 2013, as a more affordable and compact crossover than the Cayenne. However, the official delivery to our country began only in 2014 and then to a limited extent, no more than a thousand cars a year. But due to the large demand the German manufacturer has increased the quota. It is a more affordable price Porsche Macan has become an important factor in the success of the car. The difference of one million rubles in the […]

The new Porsche 911 price, a photo, video, equipment, specifications Porsche 911|volkswagun

The new Porsche 911 has entered the Russian market. The legendary sports car Porsche 911 in the past year bought in the amount of 237 pieces, not bad considering the cost of the machine. The car already produced in 1964. During this time, was replaced by 7 generations, it produced a huge number of versions. Now on the market offer a restyling version 991 of the body, which received index 991.2 The unique layout of the rear-boxer engines, which are […]

Volvo Electric cars can be fully charged in 1.5 hours|volkswagun

In Volvo’s developed a device using which is just 1.5 hours you can fully charge the discharged batteries. Work on this device may be networks with different voltage value. He placed it on board the vehicle. This device, which is currently undergoing a series of development tests, according to experts of the Swedish group in comparison with existing analogues runs six times faster. In the company developed a device called the first world onboard three-phase charger. It stands out for […]

It began mass production of Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan|volkswagun

Another Volkswagen last fall showed the public a novelty Golf Sportsvan. This car was the receiver model Golf Plus. Sportsvan built on a new platform from which its dimensions have grown by 134 mm, wheelbase also increased, in addition Compact MPV became noticeably wider and taller. A feature of novelty is the ability to move the rear row of seats in a range of 18 centimeters. If passengers want more space, it is enough to push the seat in the […]