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Cars of World War II|volkswagun

By the end of 30-ies. Wehrmacht was completely mechanized and “bloated” from a variety of techniques, and the Soviet Union in the field of off-road vehicles – almost one experiment, the Americans – the old model, unsuitable for future large military trials. The Soviet Army in WWII Willys model chosen and GAZ-67 as a four-wheel drive cars are – there was nothing else offered. What we had then had. And the People’s Commissariat of Defense, and the American military department […]

How does the ignition system and a candle in the car?|volkswagun

The ignition system in the car is designed to supply spark at the spark plug at a given time with the engine. In diesel engines, the fuel supply is called the ignition in the compression stroke. There are models of cars, in which the ignition system controls the fuel pump submerged. There are 3 kinds of ignition systems: 1. Contact – control pulses occur when the contacts break. 2. Non-contact – switch pulses are generated (pulse generator), which is based […]

Dimensions Mazda 6 clearance rack, Salon Mazda 6 photos|volkswagun

Dimensions Mazda 6, the third generation is quite fit into the dimensions of the car class D. By the way, for the Mazda version even increased ground clearance, now this figure ride height is 16.5 centimeters. The trunk is the Mazda 6 sedan is relatively small, only 438 liters. All the space is mainly given to passengers. A fairly large wheelbase more than 2.8 meters allows a solid 5 passengers easily and comfortably fit in the back door of the […]

Dimensions Mazda CX 5 clearance rack, Salon Mazda CX 5 photo|volkswagun

Mazda CX 5 sizes comparable to the size of Mazda3 in length, while the wheelbase is the same at all. Certainly clearance, the height and width of the body is different, but a car platform. Incidentally, the clearance at the crossover CX 5 is completely terrain and from 210 to 215 mm depending on the type of drive and the power unit. So Mazda CX length is 4540 mm and the base klesnaya exactly 2.7 meters, which makes the car […]

The new crossover Mazda CX 3 photos, interior photos, specifications Mazda CX 3|volkswagun

The new crossover Mazda CX 3 officially presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. The long-awaited premiere aroused keen interest around the world in a hurry as soon as possible to share fresh photos Mazda CX 3 . Just describe the technical characteristics of the new compact crossover. The basis for creating a crossover Mazda CX 3 served as a compact hatchback new generation of the Mazda2 , which is sold only in Japan. As a result, cars have […]

The crossover Mazda CX-7 has gone through a restyling|volkswagun

While everyone’s attention is riveted to the Chicago Auto Show, Mazda has decided to opt for its world debut of the updated crossover Mazda CX-7 showroom in Toronto. Canadian show rarely debuts can boast a global scale, but this time it was shown there feysliftingovy midsize crossover Mazda CX-7 . The engine range enriched atmospheric 2,5-liter engine with 161 hp This is the same 4-cylinder unit that stands on the Mazda 6. He gives his best performance at 6 000 […]

Skoda surprised concept VisionC, photos|volkswagun

A small affair decided to organize the company Skoda, which is still two weeks before the start of the Geneva Motor Show announced the premiere of a new concept VisionC (pictured). Visitors to the motor show the automaker promised a little surprise at the auto show. From the company has been informed that 14 vehicles were presented at the motor show. At the moment it is known about the two models. This Octavia Scout – touring terrain and VisionC – […]

The new Skoda Fabia Wagon (Estate) price, picture, video, equipment, specification Skoda Fabia Combi

The new Skoda Fabia Wagon (Estate), which has long been produced in parallel hatchback . Today we tell about the price of the universal Fabia Combi, trim and technical characteristics of the car. But first, a little background model. The first time the Fabia Combi appeared in August 2000 and replaced the wagon Felicia. The car began to use quite popular in Europe, because the basis of the platform of Volkswagen Polo was lying. The first generation of Combi released […]

The new Škoda Fabia RS price, photos, video, equipment, specifications Skoda Fabia RS|volkswagun

The new ┼ákoda Fabia RS , which appeared in 2010 and became available in our country.Skoda Fabia RS in addition to a pretty big price and a powerful engine has a number of features which we will write in this article. Technical characteristics of Skoda Fabia RS is impressive. Dispersal to first hundred in just 7 seconds! Power gasoline engine with dual supercharged 180 hp only when the working volume of 1.4 liters. But the characteristics of Fabia RS below. […]

Suzuki Jimny SUV updated|volkswagun

The Japanese company Suzuki is known to many. First of all, because of the motorcycles that it produces. However, apart from them, the company manufactures and cars. In its assortment row there and SUVs along with the cars. Among them, the most famous – it’s Suzuki Jimny. It is this model we describe below. More recently, the authoritative online edition of the first photos of the updated version of the Suzuki Jimny SUV was published. It will be offered to […]