Tesla Model 3 – prices, pickings, specifications


With traditional delay, however, this time not for a year, Tesla announced the prices and options for its most affordable model – sedan Model 3. That’s just to buy it still is not possible yet.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The head of the company Tesla Ilon Mask with a pomp presented a new sedan Tesla Model 3, which is positioned as the most affordable electric vehicle in the US. As Mask warned, Model 3 will be as far as possible from the flagship Model S and will not receive most of the chips.

Actually, the configuration of the Tesla Model 3 is the same, and it costs, as it was announced, 35 thousand dollars. The machine is equipped with an electric motor And a battery pack, allowing it to travel on one charge up to 354 km (200 miles). The acceleration to 96 km / h (60 mph) takes 5.6 seconds.

Tesla Model 3


The complete set is by no means poor: there are eight airbags, two-zone climate- Control, USB ports for recharging and connecting gadgets, multimedia system with Bluetooth, rear camera, power windows with automatic mode, fully LED optics, integrated in the rear seat booster, tire pressure monitoring system, alarm.


Tesla Model 3 Interior
Tesla Model 3 Interior


Salon Tesla Model 3 is extremely minimalistic. There is not even a dashboard here – its functionality is performed by a large central monitor.

Tesla Model 3 salon is extremely minimalistic. There is not even a dashboard here – its functionality is performed by a large central monitor.

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If the buyer does not like the rag salon, he can order Upgrade Package for $ 5000. It includes a leather interior, front seats with elektroregulirovkami in 12 directions, heating of all seats. Automatically folding mirrors with heating, premium audio system with a subwoofer, LED fog lights and a central armrest-box with niches for two smartphones.

To increase the power reserve, Model 3 will have to shell out $ 9000 per package Long Range . Then the car will be able to travel up to 500 km, and acceleration to 96 km / h will take it 5.1 seconds.

For a leather salon and other “premium” options

“The car can be any color if this color is black,” – said once Henry Ford Model T the first mass car. Ilon Mask, it seems, has well learned the lesson of the patriarch of the car industry. For the base price the car will be black, and for any other it will be necessary to pay 1000 dollars.

Despite the fact that Tesla Model 3 is initially equipped with all systems for autonomous driving, for activation of the hold-in-band system and self-timer system. Included turn signals, as well as self-parking will have to pay $ 5,000. If you want to get a full-fledged autonomous driving system.Then this amount will have to add another $ 3000. The system will be activated when the software is updated, and when, it is unknown. Do you want to do it yourself? Electric vehicles Tesla are constantly exchanging data with a central computer, and your car can simply … ban, that is, turn it into real estate.

Serial production Model 3 started last week. But the first lucky ones will get their cars at the best at the end of the year, when Tesla starts collecting 5,000 cars a month. The first cars will disperse on employees of the company and will be transferred to suppliers. Tesla clearly decided to use their own personnel as free testers of the output, as the machine was still being prepared for production in a hurry.

Tesla Model 3

Ilon Mask promised that in the future Model 3 will receive a more powerful version with impressive characteristics. But when this happens – it is unknown. “Let us deal with the production of this version, it’s hell,” he wrote on his Twitter.

  • Tesla is still a loss-making company. But this did not prevent the board of directors of the company from paying compensation to Ilona Mask in the form of a block of shares for 1.4 billion dollars
  • The largest automakers began to consider Tesla a serious rival . Thus, will build in Germany a plant for the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

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