The Germans want to bring to market a new model – Porsche Pajun




Recently photographers managed to spot an unusual sports car  Porsche Pajun from the Porsche company during the tests Porsche Pajun. As it turned out, a model very similar to the Porsche Panamera will become the younger brother of a prestigious car. We even know the name of the novelty – Pajun. This name of the machine is not chosen by chance. In fact, Pajun is an abbreviation for the two words Panamera Junior. Photographed on the roads of Europe Porsche Pajun has a reduced wheelbase and accordingly a smaller body length.

While there is not much information on the novelty, some journalists of serious automotive media report about the imminent appearance of a five-door coupe. As a technical platform, Porsche designers will take the Audi A6 base. The main difference between the Pajun model will not only be more modest than the Panamera but at a more affordable price.

In fact, the manufacturer went on the road, which repeats the history of the appearance of a compact crossover “Makan”. After all, originally produced a larger and more expensive Porsche Cayenne. As soon as the manufacturer saw an interest in an expensive version of the crossover, immediately released a more compact and cheaper option.

As for the set of powertrains for Porsche Pajun, the manufacturer has a fairly large selection of different motors. These are 2-liter 4-cylinder versions and more powerful V6 and even V8. As analysts of the automotive market suggest, the “charged” modification of the model can produce up to 500 hp

Moreover, it is already known for sure that Pajun will receive a fully electric version. The main competitor to the German model could be the American Tesla Model 3. For this, Porsche engineers will have to solve problems with range, high battery life and charging time. For example, in Tesla Motors today all these problems are solved. The average mileage of some American electric cars Tesla long ago exceeded 400 kilometers. And no one charges the batteries by car, they are simply removed and put a charged battery pack.

Another problem related to the high cost of batteries for electric cars, in Tesla Motors will be decided in the near future. In the US, a huge Gigafactory plant is already under construction, which will reduce the cost of production of batteries for electric vehicles by 40-45%. And this fact makes possible the production of available electric cars. Unfortunately, Porsche does not have a successful experience of building massive electric cars, not to mention access to cheap batteries  Porsche Pajun.

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