The new generation of the Volvo S60 2018 sedan

Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 car maker, preparatory work is currently underway, aimed at introducing the new generation Volvo S60 family. Recall that it consists of cars in the body sedan and station wagon. The speedy appearance of new cars can not be counted for now. However, despite this, the manufacturer pleased the fans of the brand and published details about the technical stuffing of future prime ministers.

 Volvo S60

The real breakthrough was the launch on the market by the crossover company XC90 and the new generation S90 sedan. It is thanks to these models that the manufacturer has made an incredible breakthrough in the market. So do not be surprised by the fact that in a style similar to sales hits, the company performs all its subsequent models. In the news there is the same. In other words, the appearance, which is given to the designers of the company by new models, has in their appearance similarities with the flagships. A similar fate awaits the new generation of the 60th family.


Earlier it was announced that only next year the manufacturer will introduce the S60 / V60 of the new generation. However, journalists have already made promises from the chief stylist of the Swedish concern Thomas Ingenlat that the company’s models will become more muscular. The similarity of the exterior of new products with larger models in terms of stylistics, according to journalists of one of the foreign publications, will be reinforced mainly by the overall technical stuffing. Modular SPA platform will be used as a base for creating new  Volvo S60 / V60. Motors for new products will be offered the same as for larger counterparts. However, only with gasoline engines will the line not be limited. Diesels will fall into it.


Now unconfirmed information is circulating through the network that the company is considering the option of equipping future innovations with a gasoline unit with a working volume of 1.5 liters. Initially, the engineers of the Swedish company developed this engine for the compact crossover HS40. The engines are supposed to be equipped with an 8-speed “automatic”, and additionally a drive system for all-wheel drive. Note that the new cars this system will be offered as an option. For individual motors, the “Swedes” will also be offered “mechanics.”

Another important point, which is currently being considered by Volvo engineers, is the possibility of borrowing a hybrid plant for the 60th family. As the main element in its composition, it is planned to use a motor with a working volume of 1.5 liters. Hybrid installation, which the manufacturer plans to use in the new generation of the S60 / V60 family, was originally created for the XC90. For compact models it will be quite powerful due to their small size. Recall that it is able to issue 400 hp. The engineers of the company understand perfectly well that such power for these models is excessive. According to preliminary information, the new generation of the 60th family is planned to be presented by the manufacturer in 2018.


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