Toyota can revive the SUV FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser Last year the Japanese company Toyota announced that it was stopping the production of the FJ Cruiser model. This news, of course, saddened all the fans of the brand, especially fans of off-road vehicles. However, it became known recently that it is quite possible that the funeral of a charismatic mastiff is premature. There was information that the company might revive this model. According to preliminary information of the FJ Cruiser receiver, the Japanese manufacturer plans to show in the car dealership that will be held in New York.

FJ Cruiser modelThe company has already announced that the auto show, which will soon be held in New York, was chosen as the venue for the presentation of the concept. The creators gave him the name FT-4X. In patent bodies in 2016 the manufacturer registered this name. The abbreviation, present in the name of the concept, stands as Future Toyota 4 × 4.This name makes it possible to have no doubt that the model being prepared for the premiere will be Toyota’s off-road car.
To slightly open the veil of secrecy about the novelty, some time ago the “Japanese” published a teaser, but it was not enough to understand what would be new model. It is obvious that the novelty will be equipped with a drive system for all-wheel drive, and will also have off-road tires from Good Year.

Some experts are of the opinion that the concept car, which will be shown in New York, is the new generation of Toyota FJ Cruiser. The Japanese manufacturer completed the release of this model in 2016. A characteristic feature of the car was a special option for opening doors. The rear doors of the novelty opened against the movement. The design of the FJ Сruiser was extremely successful and the car proved to be reliable. In addition, when it was created, designers gave the car an unusual appearance. For this fans of the brand and fell in love with this model.

Many people liked it also because it allows implementing different ideas in terms of tuning. The fact that machines of this kind are still relevant confirms the fact that the Jeep Wrangler of the new generation will soon be introduced, and after it the world will be shown the revived Ford Bronco.

In addition, the obvious fact is that the power plant, which the FT-4X concept car will be equipped with, will be more environmentally friendly compared to the 4 liter petrol engine that was installed in the FJ Cruiser model. It will be interesting if the all-wheel drive system of the concept car will be realized in such a way that one of the axles of the car will be driven by an electric motor created by an installed electric motor.

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