Toyota Corolla 11 generation legend of the Japanese automotive industry

Toyota Corolla 11 generation
Toyota Corolla 11 generation

Toyota Corolla 11 generation – the best-selling model of all times and peoples. The model does not leave anyone indifferent in the world. Toyota Corolla has long been a legend in the automotive industry. This model is the most sold in the world, for which in 2000 it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, because by that time it had sold 25 million cars. And by 2013 the sales figure was an incredible 40 million. Corolla has repeatedly become the car of the year in various countries, including in Russia.

This legendary model was launched in mass production in the distant 1966 and two years later will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Since then, 11 generations of the King have changed, the last of which was introduced in 2012. It is worth noting that in 2013 the hybrid models of this car were launched into production. The first Corolla models were rear-wheel drive, and later ones were already rear-wheel drive.

Toyota Corolla 11 generation
Toyota Corolla 11 generation

11 generation of the Toyota Corolla

At home, the sale of the new Corolla in 2012, and in the US and Europe only a year later. In the Japanese market, the car comes with a hybrid installation and a slightly smaller size to make it more convenient to park in the city. In this case, the machine is produced with two different variants of the power unit in volume 1.3 or 1.5 liters. The transmission can be either mechanical or automatic, and the drive is front or complete. The 2013 Corolla is available in two body styles – the Corolla Fielder and the Corolla Axio.

This year the Japanese concern plans to increase its flagship sales by 40%, and new customers should make a fantastic result of 70%. As you can see, there is a change in the target audience of Corolla. In the leadership of Toyota decided to focus on the youth audience of “pre-family” age. It is in the calculation for her that the car got its bright design, which at the same time remains solid. Thanks to the new look, the company wants to get new customers, people who before that opted for more emotional cars from other manufacturers.

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The front end of the new Corolla looks not just serious and recognizable, but also expensive. Radiator grating all its power crashes into large headlights, which look predator devour the road. This car did not have anything in common with the funny lupo-eyed model of the late nineties, only by name one can understand that they are relatives.

Interior of the Toyota Corolla



It is worth noting that in the new King everything is in place: comfortable chairs, adjustments and controls are located at hand. Materials do not differ in refinement, in places one can even notice an imperfect assembly, but in general there is nothing criminal, and the interior is even silent on the move. On this model for the first time installed a new multimedia system Toyota Touch 2. There is no supernova in it, but it looks much more modern than in Auris. And the touch screen is sensitive not only to the standard pokes, but gestures.


Toyota increased dimensions allow passengers to feel themselves practically in a limousine. It remains to add lift curtains to the windows, and then you can confuse the new Corolla even with the business class, and a quiet and soft suspension only enhances this effect.

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