Toyota Fortuner 2017 The Ultimate Suv Car is Here


The rumors that went before, were confirmed: Toyota Motor will finally bring the second generation of the Fortuner SUV into our country. From where, in what performance and why only now – about this in the material below.

Toyota Fortuner 2017
Toyota Fortuner 2017
                                                                         The second generation of the SUV Toyota Fortuner

The second generation of the SUV Toyota Fortuner

To avoid discrepancies, the Toyotovians at the presentation immediately asked the audience to learn the correct pronunciation of the newcomer – Forchuner with an emphasis on the first syllable. It is built on the same platform as the IMV (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle), as the previously presented eight-generation Hilux pickup truck. This platform with the strongest of the three frames in Russia – Heavy Duty – was created especially for particularly harsh conditions.

The second generation of the model will come to us. Not to be confused with the car that was once produced by the Allur Auto group in Kostanay (Kazakhstan). That was the first generation of Fortune, which, according to Dmitry Agafonov, the strategic planning manager and product of Toyota Motor, “did not meet the basic ideas of Russians about what an SUV should be like.” Simply put, there was more commercial pickup in it than a utilitarian and comfortable SUV. The current novelty comes from Thailand, from where it will be imported into the salons of Russian dealers of the Japanese brand.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Interior
Toyota Fortuner 2017

Interior of the new Toyota Fortuner

Interior of the new Toyota Fortuner

What has changed? First, the design. Personally, it seems to me more attractive compared to LC Prado because of more intricate lines, especially in the humeral area of ​​the stern (I remembered the Nissan Murano). Secondly, the finishing materials in the salon were seriously revised. Textured plastic, leatherette and leather complement each other well. The multimedia console Toyota Touch 2 with a 7-inch display was installed in the center console, the luggage door was supplemented with an electric drive, and it is possible to get inside without the help of a key.

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It is clear that the geometric patency is still at the level. Pendants have an increased stroke, a ride height of 225mm and decent entry angles – 29 ° and exit – 25 ° will forgive some flaws in your driving outside the asphalt.

The second generation of Forchuner, which appeared a couple of years on the global market, received an enlarged frame with an optimized cross-sectional cross-section.

The second generation of Forchuner, which has appeared in the global market for a couple of years, has received an enlarged frame with an optimized cross-section of crossbars. This allowed, in particular, to increase the rigidity of the body on torsion.

All-wheel drive for Forchuner – plug-in. By default, the rear axle is activated, if necessary. The front console can be connected to the center console (at any time at a speed of up to 100 km / h), mechanically lock the differential in the rear axle. To ensure that in the 4WD mode the transmission did not fail because of overheating, the engineers invented an additional radiator.

Toyota Fortuner 2017Space
Toyota Fortuner 2017Space
With various seating arrangements in the new Toyota Fortuner SUV, up to 30 configurations are possible

With a different layout of seats in the new Toyota Fortuner SUV, up to 30 interior configurations are possible.

The new Fortuner is a seven-seater car. The second-row sofa is different than the pickup. It is divided in a proportion of 60/40, and the backs can be fixed in several positions for convenience. Places in the knees will be enough for any growth of the front riders. In the third row. The situation is less bright. Almost vertically mounted unrestrained backrests will allow children to rest comfortably. The seats can be folded to the floor or in the already folded position to take them to the sides of the trunk, thus leveling the floor. In my opinion, most of the time these seats will simply lie around the house without any work – they can be dismantled without problems by releasing the luggage compartment.

Unlike the Arabic version (on the left ), Our Fortuner is equipped with rear disc brakes instead of drum brakes.

Unlike the Arabic version (left), our Fortuner is equipped with rear disc brakes instead of drum brakes.

Especially for a comfortable Exploitation in the cold winter of Russia, Toyota Fortuner 2017 received a winter package, including preheating in front of their seats, steering wheel and mirrors, additional heater compartment and a number of options.

In our country, the new Fortuner will be available with one of two engines to choose from. In Toyota itself, not yet naming prices and bundles (they will become known closer to the start of sales in October), it is believed that the hit will be a version with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel GD (turbine with variable geometry, 177 hp, 450 Nm), although more likely, there will most likely be a version with the already familiar LC Prado petrol 2.7 (163 hp), fueled with an octane rating of 92.

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