Toyota Fortuner 2018 bundles and prices, photos, videos, specifications


Toyota Fortuner 2018 bundles and prices, photos, videos, specifications

The present frame SUV Toyota Fortuner in 2018 has received complete sets and the lowered prices. A model with unique characteristics will certainly be very popular in our country. What is interesting Toyota Fortuner wanted to bring to our market a few years ago, but the fall of the car market has moved the manufacturer’s plans.

Toyota Fortuner enters the Russian market from the Toyota plant in South-East Asia. Specifically for Russia, the model underwent an appropriate climate adaptation. Technologically, Fortuner is built on the basis of the Toyota Hi-lux pickup. The powerful frame, a true all-wheel drive with a rigid front axle connection. The only difference in the rear suspension. After all, there are rigid springs in the pick-up truck, and for the 5-door body, there are soft and comfortable springs for passengers.

The appearance of Fortuner is quite modern. If desired, you can see the features of the same Hilux, but the bumper, optics, grille others. The appearance of a new SUV for the Russian market is quite interesting. Especially if we consider the silhouette of the machine as a whole. The back is completely original. The volume of the glazing visually hides the presence of the rack and as it pulls the rear part of the body, although the overhangs of the 7 local machine are not large. Photos of the SUV look in our gallery.

The Fortuner showroom is as original as the exterior. Of course, if you want, you can find common features with the same Halifax. For example, the dashboard, the steering wheel is almost identical. But the central console, the shape of the ducts are different. But in any case in the cabin Fortunera quality materials and the perfect fit of the interior elements. Let’s not forget that the SUV has three rows of seats. When adapting the machine to Russian conditions, the Japanese decided to make additional heating of the front seats, steering wheel, windscreen in the rest zone of the wipers, plus air ducts for heating 2 and even 3 rows of seats. Photos look further.

Photo of the Toyota Fortuner 2018

Photo of the trunk of Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner Technical Specifications

The main drive is rear, the front axle is connected if necessary according to the Part-Time scheme. There is a downshift for driving in very difficult directions. Connect the 4×4 mode at speeds of up to 100 km / h. The rear differential has a lock, which increases the off-road quality of the car.

As for power units, two engines will be available for the Russian market. The diesel of the series GD in a volume of 2.8 liters (2755 cm3) develops 177 hp. at a torque of 450 Nm. The maximum torque is available from 1600 revolutions. On the fuel consumption and dynamic characteristics, the manufacturer is still silent, indicating only the maximum speed of 180 km / h. The motor will be combined with an automatic box.

Gasoline engine 2.7 liters with a capacity of 166 horsepower (245 Nm) is offered in the cheapest versions with a manual transmission. A reliable 4-cylinder 16-valve atmospheric series 2TR-FE is capable of digesting AI-92 gasoline.

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Dimensions, weight, volume, clearance Fortuner

  • Length – 4795 mm
  • Width – 1855 mm
  • Height – 1835 mm
  • The curb weight of 2060 kg
  • Full weight – 2750 kg
  • Base, the distance between the front and rear axle is 2745 mm
  • Overhang in front/rear – 990/1060 mm
  • The angle of entry/exit is 29/25 degrees
  • Cargo space volume – 618 liters
  • The volume of the trunk with folded seats – n / d liters
  • Fuel tank capacity – 80 liters
  • Tire size – 265/65 R17, 265/60 R18
  • Ground clearance – 225 mm

Price and complete sets of Toyota Fortuner 2018

Already, the dealers have been supplied with a lot of “cheap” complete sets with a 2.7-liter petrol engine and a 5-speed mechanics for 1 999 000 rubles in the database. For this money, the buyer receives a full drive with forced locking of the rear inter-wheel differential and two air-conditioners! Additional set to provide comfort to passengers of the third row of seats. In addition to a full set of airbags, a large number of active and passive safety systems and off-road motion assistants are available in the database, among them –

  • Active anti-slip system (A-TRC)
  • Trailer stabilization system (TSC)
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • The system of assistance for ascent on a slope (NAS)

A complete list of current prices and complete sets for the 7-seat SUV next.

  • Fortuner 2.7 liter. (166 hp), 5MKPP, Standard – 1 999 000 rubles
  • Fortuner 2.7 liter. (166 hp), 6АКПП, Comfort – 2 349 000 rubles
  • Fortuner 2.8 liter. diesel (177 hp), 6АКПП, Элеганс – 2 599 000 rubles
  • Fortuner 2.8 liter. diesel (177 hp), 6АКПП, Prestige – 2 827 000 rubles



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