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Toyota FT 4X

Toyota FT 4X
photo Credits: Toyota

Toyota FT 4X : When the Toyotavians get bored, they call to California. We are not about resorts, but about the design studio Calty, who participated in the creation of numerous famous models of the company. That’s  Toyota FT 4X  – the work of stylists of the “Golden State”. The case is young, bright and requiring serial continuation. The company claims that the crossover is designed for millennials, that is, born in the late eighties and early nineties, who live in the city, but periodically spontaneously gather and break into nature.

The concept turned out to be a real snag. Do you think a car with a playful a la Lunkhead, but at the same time it is quite an adult appearance that is large in dimensions? No matter how it is! Firstly, it was built not on a frame chassis, but on a modular TNGA architecture with a transverse arrangement of the power unit. Secondly, its length is only 4249 mm, and the wheelbase is 2616 mm. Sub-compact  C-HR and then more: 4360 mm and 2640 mm respectively. Technical details are not yet reported, only four-cylinder engine and four-wheel drive transmission with lowering gear are known.

Toyota FT 4X

This  Toyota FT 4X show car is not what it seems.

The rationality of using the interior space, its originality and convenience of access, the experimental Toyota recalls the Honda Element. Please note that the Toyota FT 4X has gone against the modern fashion and does not have a front panel with touchscreens, but it does not hide the unusually designed digital instrument panel and the most interesting thing is that it allows you to hoist a smartphone over it, the benefits of fastening are available. The rear doors are sliding, and the “gate” is transformable: it can be lifted upwards or opened as two swinging doors.

Under the floor, which, it seems, can be washed from a hose, is a roomy compartment. But this is expected, but the sleeping bag of the famous “tourist” brand The North Face between the front seats, playing the role of an armrest, and a removable stand-alone speaker system – the solutions are rather unusual. On the production plans so far silence, but, we believe, the car has all chances to be on the conveyor. We also need such a crossover!

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