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January 7, 2017

Concept Toyota C-HR (pictured) in the next year may be displayed on the conveyor called Auris Cross. The guidance of the Japanese group do not hide that this car should surpass Nissan Juke, which due to its unusual appearance is very popular.

Designers of the company Toyota does not frighten that such a futuristic design Auris Cross can cause controversy. Actually it is this path went to the Nissan and were right. Those wishing to stand out on the road was quite a lot.

Auris Cross

The main feature, besides the design of course, should be the powerplant of the car. Under the hood Auris Cross will place new hybrid engine, as already said Toyota engineers. Course will be diesel and petrol version. Even though the popularity of hybrids, prefer only traditional powertrains in some markets.

For example, in our country, prefer mainly petrol engines, although the same “Prius on the road are quite common. Today parts Toyota can be purchased for any model. If you wish to find even rare Toyota spare part can be in the major online retailers, such as

The Japanese manufacturer has an extensive successful experience in the production of hybrids. Toyota Prius experienced two generations, and the third will be in the near future. A huge number of vehicles sold around the world, an introduction to the drivers to more environmentally friendly technologies. It is therefore not surprising that the Auris Cross is a hybrid car.

2016-Auris Cross

If power units for the new items it is clear that what at Auris Cross will be the size of? According to representatives of “Toyota” along the length of the body of a new compact crossover will be less than the RAV4, but more than in the same Nissan Juke. Although the concept of C-HR has a three-door body, the production model Auris Cross will receive a more practical five-door. This form kupeobraznaya continue. This high ground clearance must allocate a novelty among its competitors.

Is Auris Cross will appear in Russia? Quite a difficult question given the state of our automotive market. Although the Russian representation of Toyota say they are still actively working on our market. Already in 2016 it will begin assembly of the popular RAV4 crossover in the same factory near St. Petersburg, where today collect business-class sedan Camry.

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