Volkswagen Golf 7 Generations of German Automotive Industry





Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf

The compact hatchback Volkswagen Golf giving the name to the whole class of cars is still the best-selling car in Europe. It sounds incredible, but the legend of the world car industry Volkswagen Golf this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. His name this kid received in honor of the ocean current Gulf Stream. This model is not just one of the most sold models of cars in the history of mankind, in its honor called a whole class of cars golf class.

German concern with incredible accuracy experienced the needs of ordinary people, because even without looking at Modest plastic finish, mediocre comfort and an angular design. Volkswagen Golf instantly fell in love with car enthusiasts around the world. Not for nothing because today more than 30 million copies of this model have come off the assembly line. People chose golf thanks to the front drive, which at that time was still a wonder. As well as a rich choice of gasoline and diesel engines. In addition, attracted consumers and a wide range of bodies. In addition to the standard hatchback (with three or five doors), you could also choose a cabriolet or a Jetta sedan.


At first they released Golf in the base and luxury versions. And a choice was provided by a decent set of additional options: a sunroof, a washer for the rear window. A lockable stopper for the gas tank and alloy wheels. In the mid-seventies, not every budget car could boast of such a set of useful functions, while the price remained affordable for the average consumer.

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Golf VII generation

The seventh generation of this cult car was presented in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show.

The appearance of the new golf is not luxurious, the designers did not complicate its shape by various. On the contrary. The silhouette of the car is simple and understandable for a wide audience. The wide rear posts, the high body line on the sides, the understated hood. In the guise of the Golf VII there is nothing superfluous, everything here in German is simple, practical and laconic.

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The interior designers tried their best, they did not stint on the chrome details, which set accents throughout the salon. The strict design and pedantry of fitting all the details will not leave indifferent even pretentious motorists.

 Volkswagen Golf Interiors
Volkswagen Golf Interiors

It is worth noting and the functional component of the interior. The central console with LCD display, with which you can control the audio system and climate control. For convenience is slightly deployed in the driver’s side. In this case, the system control buttons are made in the best traditions of ergonomics, and the most important of them are duplicated on the steering wheel. The voice control system is also installed on board.


Despite the small dimensions of the Volkswagen Golf VII, the generation has a spacious interior, while it will be comfortable and comfortable not only to the driver but also to passengers on the road.

Increased fuel efficiency of the new Golf. The Volkswagen management set the task for the developers to make radical improvements to the fuel system in the VII generation of the car. It is worth noting that the designers did not disappoint. Because the car began to consume less fuel by as much as 23%. At the same time, the 1.9 TDI BlueMotion model consumes only 3.2 liters per 100 km of the road, and this was achieved thanks to a turbo diesel power unit with a capacity of 110 hp, working in tandem with a five-speed manual gearbox. The other models in the new line consume a little more fuel, but you will feel the savings right away.

The German manufacturer always differed in that he always tried to skillfully combine the optimal cost of the car with the most popular options, the evidence of which the models of Volkswagen Polo and Golf vividly serve.

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