Volkswagen is preparing to release a new compact crossover



Three years ago, the German auto giant Volkswagen introduced the concept of the crossover Volkswagen T-ROC. However, the exterior of the serial version still remains a secret. Finally, the manufacturer presented an image that makes it clear how it will look. Familiarization with the teaser makes it possible to say that the serial car will be less spectacular in comparison with the prototype presented.

The novelty plays an important role in the company’s model range. According to the manufacturer, with the advent of this “baby” will be removed from the gap that the company had in the segment of crossover compact size. Until recently, the smallest model for Volkswagen was Tiguan . However, the change in generations that was held recently led to the fact that this model in size significantly added and even acquired a long-base modification.

At the same time, the segment of compact SUVs among automakers is quite in demand. The main competitors of Volkswagen pay attention to it. Thus, with the release of the T-ROC model, the German manufacturer will receive its representative in this segment. Competitors will have to compete with the leaders: Nissan Juke, Mazda CX-3 and other representatives of this segment.


Studying only one picture presented by the company on which the computer model of the car is embodied, it is difficult to talk about what will be the final appearance of the novelty. It is now clear that the modest in terms of the exterior will be a new model of the German company in comparison with its concept. From the prototype, the production car will be distinguished by the presence of 5 doors. The length of the car is 4179 mm, width 1831 mm. The height of the novelty is 1501 mm.

In the new crossover from Volkswagen the most interesting is its platform. The MQB-A0 architecture will be used by the manufacturer for the serial T-ROC. Soon this platform will be used by the manufacturer to create other company cars. In particular, it will be based on a new sedan Virtus. His management of the company originally wanted to sell in the markets of India and Brazil. However, it is possible that the sedan will be seen in Russia as a replacement for Polo Sedan. Note that on the same platform, the auto giant will also produce the next generation of Polo.

Information about the range of motors that will be offered for a compact crossover is not yet available. However, we should expect that the car will be completed with gasoline units of small volume – 1 and 1.5 liters. It is likely that a number of diesel engines will be added to gasoline engines. What will be the line of engines for the new model as a whole, will largely depend on the market. Like the Virtus sedan, the T-ROC manufacturer will be producing at factories in Brazil and India. In August this year, production of this model will start.

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