Volvo,Autoliv and NVIDIA to develop Autonomous driving systems

Autoliv and NVIDIA
Autoliv and NVIDIA

The companies Volvo and Autoliv began collaboration with NVIDIA in the field of software development for stand-alone Systems of driving. This should help Volvo begin selling off-road vehicles of the fourth level already in 2021.

The cooperation between Autoliv and NVIDIA will be carried out within the framework of the recently created Volvo and Autoliv JV Zenuity. Recall that the systems of the fourth level are able to independently manage the car on any roads.

As part of the new agreement, Volvo Cars, Autoliv and NVIDIA will use the open computing platform with artificial intelligence from NVIDIA as the basis for their own software development Security.

“This cooperation with NVIDIA puts Volvo Cars, Autoliv and Zenuity ahead of the fast-growing market. Allowing to develop the possibilities of autonomous driving of the next Generation and accelerate the development of unmanned Volvo cars available to our customers, “said Volvo Cars President and CEO Hakan Samuelsson.

Volvo Cars, Autoliv and NVIDIA will work together to develop Which will be able to use deep training technology to recognize surrounding objects, to anticipate potential threats and to drive the vehicle safely. A feature of such a component of artificial intelligence. As deep training, is the ability of the computer to analyze the situation according to numerous features and independently decide on the necessary actions. It is based on knowledge of brain biology (namely, on neuronal connections) and is a catalyst for the development of a wide range of industries. From medicine and pharmacology to autopilot vehicles. It is believed that today, cars that have undergone extensive training, in some cases, give results better than people can do.

New systems compare the current situation with a highly detailed map in order to plan a safe route in the future and move along it, adapting to any changing circumstances on the road. They also integrate data from cameras, which allows you to accurately assess the environment around the car and recreate it on the panel, including static and moving objects.

As a result, Volvo Cars will receive from Zenuity complete software for autonomous driving systems . In turn, Autoliv will undertake the task of distributing all Zenuity products to third parties, using its marketing resources and a wide distribution network.

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