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Photospies activism has allowed knowing that the novelty of the Ferrari company experts checked the north of Sweden. The prototype was hidden in the back of the Ferrari 458. However, if you start from the assumptions that have emerged in recent times, then tests the “Italians” is a fundamentally new supercar.

A couple of years ago, the company’s boss to a question about the revival of the once popular Dino models answered with a question of ‘when’. This is all seen as confirmation that the model would be revived, but the market will be a new look.
Presumably, the machine, which is now being tested in Sweden, will receive a milestone for the company name. When the market is filled up with Ferrari Dino, then this car will be considered as a receiver California.

ferrari Dino

Photospies, who believe that in the northern climes tested the new model, as evidence of lead track. According to them, in a supercar engine, which is being tested, the V8 does sound, but in its notes of more like a V6 Alfa Romeo Giulia. The unit, the development of which was carried out with the direct involvement of engineers Ferrari, develops at the peak of power in operation 510 horsepower.

Dino word in the 60th years of the last century, the Italian company has used to distinguish their most affordable models. In their equipment, they had motors less power compared to other supercars of the Italian company. The model has joined the company line, was named in honor of Alfredo, who was the eldest son of the company founder died at the age of 24 years. In the family, he had the nickname “Dino“.

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